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Long-time members of the MSP community ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with complicated pricing models and complex contracts offered by some other MSP software vendors... We don't do that here.


Our pricing is straightforward and here for you to see, and we offer you the option to cancel at any time*. We also offer a free, no credit card required, 2 week trial period for all subscription  options, so you can try out Prospector for yourself!


Annual License

Annual License is pre-paid for the year and provides for two months FREE! 

$1,799 USD/yr


Monthly License

Enjoy the flexibility of month-to-month pricing and no annual commitment.

$179.99 USD/mo

FREE 2 Week Trial!

Yes, really free and no payment info required.

If you like the product, simply add a payment method to continue with a paid plan. 


to Use

Beautiful Templates





Grow Your Vision

We LOVE hearing from and supporting growing IT service providers. We would be happy to meet with you, demo our product, and provide you with tips and guidance on how to use Prospector to secure your next client! 

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