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How is this installed?

Prospector is hosted online and requires no local installation. All that is needed to begin running scans and generating reports is a valid license. Licenses are purchased at the organization level via a Monthly or Annual Subscription, so one license unlocks unlimited access for your whole team. 

What if I need help?

As a Managed Service Provider ourselves, who use the tool daily, we would be happy to assist you with getting up and running or to share how we use the tool to move the conversation forward with our prospective customers. Simply reach out via this site or email us and we'd be happy to set up a time. You can also visit our how-to documentation here. 

Is this legal?

We are not lawyers, and jurisdiction for online activity varies widely around the globe. We HIGHLY recommend you check your local rules, and get permission to run scans. That said, prospector in NO WAY attempts to penetrate or otherwise access a target network. It simply gathers and accesses information that is readily available on the internet for anyone to see, if they know where to look. For more details on our stance on this, see our Terms and Conditions which you must agree to every time you use our tools. 

Why would I use Prospector instead of XYZ software. 

Well... you can use whatever you like. But, we also have years of experience in the MSP space along with decades of experience in the cybersecurity. You can go out and find all of the information Prospector gathers, it should only take a skilled tech a few hours to a day to do so OR you can collect all the data you need in a matter of minutes... oh, and our tool has really nice reports and email templates you can share with your clients. In short, Prospector saves you time and money and provides a powerful opportunity for increased revenue for your MSP. 

Is Prospector going to get me more sales?

Ideally yes, but like anything, sales in the MSP world is a process. Our aim is to shorten the time gap between intitial contact and getting your foot in the door for your managed services. There is no magic bullet, and many great potential clients may not be in need of the services Prospector looks for. It is simply a tool in your toolbelt (a really cool one). 

Should I run this against every company I can find and cold email them reports?


Really? It could work if I send enough and I got a huge list from LinkedIn...

Really. Don't do it. 

How many scans can I run?

Prospector has two licenses, Monthly and Annual. Both allow for unlimited scans, when used in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the exclusive right to terminate a license and cut off scan rights to any licensed organization that is abusing our software or using it for illegal purposes. In other words, use it as intended and use it how it best benefits your company. 

How does it work?

Magic! Not really, though we think it is pretty cool... Prospector uses a variety of underlying tech, including some well-known tools and many custom scripts we created to quickly and accurately find security gaps and configuration issues for public facing assets. We also use a few 3rd party API's for some lookups like our dark web checks, all to ensure we are getting up to date information and finding you the information you need. 

How accurate are your findings?

Like anything in Technology, there are always tradeoffs between speed and accuracy. When designing the tool, we have done our absolute best to balance this so that you can have both speed and accuracy. That said, most of our checks are highly accurate by their very nature and we are using industry leasing OSINT tools to gather the information we present. As always, a follow-on review of findings should always be the next step after reviewing a scan (a great opportunity to begin a paid relationship with a client perhaps?). 

Is Prospector a sales tool, a cybersecurity tool, a reporting tool or something totally new and useful for an MSP?

If you’d like more information about our product, get in touch today.

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