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Show Value Fast
Secure more clients.


Prospector is a one of a kind Cyber Security Assessment and Prospecting tool. Purpose built for MSP's and IT providers to quickly and efficiently identify security gaps for new or prospective clients, allowing them to show value fast and secure more clients. 

Prospector provides automated attack surface mapping, dark web scanning, vulnerability detection and much more... Simply by entering a domain name.


Design for simplicity, Prospector is intuitive enough for anyone to master quickly... yet powerful enough to provide techs with rapid, actionable insight. 



Designed with Growing Managed IT Providers in mind.

"I originally designed Prospector for myself and my clients. I quickly realized the power of being able to perform an automated external vulnerability assessment with the ease of visiting a website, and the value that could bring to an MSP.

What we have today is a one of a kind, low cost tool for MSP's seeking to move the conversation forward with prospective clients, to show value fast and secure their next partnership."

- Chris Riani, CISSP
Owner - Nextier Cyber Security



Our Story

Created by MSP veterans and security experts at NexTier Cyber Security, our software is designed to help you meet your need for a fast assessment of initial gaps for a client or prospect, without spending technician time running multiple scans. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify the process of finding clients that would be a good fit for Managed IT and Security services. We strive for a tool that is fast, easy to learn, and powerful enough to provide instant value to an onboarding team. 

Our Mission

Your mission is our mission. We know that the time from contact to sale in the MSP space can be years. We aim to shorten that lifecycle and provide MSPs with the insight to show value fast and secure their next client. 

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Deep insight at the touch of a button.
No hacking required...

No agents, No hardware, No Limits

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Yes, really free and no payment info required.

If you like the product, simply add a payment method to continue with a paid plan. 

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Prospector will always be FREE for a two-week trial, so you can sign up and start scanning today. If a demo is more your speed though, feel free to reach out and we will show you what we've built! 


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